Saturday, October 6, 2012

(Almost) 17 month Update

So it has been nearly 8 months since my last post and close to 7 months since Logan's double switch surgery.  Things have been very busy and if you follow me on facebook, you probably haven't missed much :).  Logan's last cardiology appointment was at the end of July and he had to wear the Holter monitor (like a portable ekg machine) for 24 hours.  His rhythm was mostly sinus, which is what we have been praying for.  Most kids are required to have a pacemaker following the DS surgery because their rhythm won't adjust itself.  The cardiologist was so happy with his progress that we haven't had to go back since and his next appointment is scheduled for October 26th, yay :). 

Honestly, at this point I rarely even think about Logan's heart.  That might be a bad thing, but he is so healthy and active that no one would ever assume that he's had 2 open heart surgeries.  His doctors have all been amazing, but I truly believe his progress is all because of God.  He is so faithful!

Logan's personality has been coming out more and more.  He's such a fun little boy :).  He is active, playful, courageous, silly, rambunctious, loving, and mischievous.  He has also somehow learned how to be sneaky.  If he thinks he's not supposed to get into something, he'll take it into a corner where he thinks I can't see him.  Little booger :).  He likes to climb, run, play, hug, snuggle, eat, play outside, push buttons in the car, and give kisses.  He is such a joy!  If we had known having kids would be this much fun, we probably would've started trying to have kids sooner... of course, he was a surprise but still :).

I guess the main point of me writing this is to say that Logan is healthy and thriving!  He brings so much life and joy to our home and we are blessed by him daily :).  Please pray that his upcoming appointment goes well!

Thanks to everyone who has been following our journey.  I will be posting more entries soon! :)

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