Sunday, February 13, 2011

28 Weeks - 3rd Trimester!

I can't believe I'm in my 3rd trimester now!  I just can't wrap my head around the fact that in approximately 12 weeks, I'll be a mommy and there will be a baby in the house.  I get so excited just thinking about it :).  I'm not really nervous yet, but I'm sure that will come as we get closer to my due date.  I'm still praying that he will come naturally and that there won't be any need to induce me.  I want as little medical intervention as possible.  I guess this brings me to something I've been working on for the past month or so.  I still have yet to put it all down on paper (that's my next step), but I've been putting my birth plan together for when I go into labor.  A few people have asked me about an epidural and my answer is that I want a natural birth, which means no epidural.  It's not that I want to impress anyone or prove something to people, but it's a personal choice and I'm very adamant about it.  I'm sure I'll be tempted to change my mind when I'm having contractions every 3 minutes apart and I'm 8cm dilated, but I'm pretty determined to hold my ground... and if any of you know me personally, I'm very stubborn ;).  I'm still working on the rest of my birth plan, but if you'd like, I can post it here when I'm finished :).  Just leave me a comment if you're interested in reading it.

Anyway, this week has been interesting.  Jason left for Brazil last Sunday (for 3 weeks), so it has been pretty quiet around here.  I have done a LOT of relaxing, but I'm starting to get a little lonely.  Our dog tries to keep me occupied, but he can't speak English, so there's only so much he can do ;).  I keep praying that the time will go by quickly so that he'll be home again and a week has already passed, so I think I'll be ok :).

My back hasn't been hurting as bad lately, which is nice, but I still wake up every few nights with reflux.  I'm going to talk to my doctor about it tomorrow and hopefully it will be a thing of the past.   All-in-all I've been doing pretty well and feeling good :).  I only have enough energy to do a couple of errands/chores at a time, but I'm slowly getting the house organized.  I've gotten more stretch marks lately, which stinks, but it's all part of pregnancy.  The worst part is that my stomach has started to itch because of the stretching.  The cocoa butter industry must love pregnant women... they've gotten a lot of my business ;).

I guess that's about all I have to say about this week, so I'll move on to the GAME, yay! :)  I set up an account at for everyone to enter their birth guesses.  His gender has been confirmed 3 times now (and probably again tomorrow), so I hope no one enters "girl" or you'll be penalized 400 points ;).  You don't need to create an account to enter guesses, you just go to the following website and enter how much you think he'll weigh, what day he will be born, etc.

I will also put a banner on the side of the page so you can access it anytime that way.  Enter as many guesses as you want!  When I get closer to my due date, I'll close the pool so nobody can cheat ;).  When Logan finally arrives, I'll post who the winner is :).

And now, on to the development details:
  • Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring just under 15 inches long, he weighs approximately 2 1/4 lbs. He will continue to gain body fat in the coming weeks to prepare him for life outside of your womb.
  • At 28 weeks, your baby can recognize your voice! His eyes continue to develop this week and his brain is developing millions of neurons. The hair on his head continues to grow. Muscle tone in his body steadily develops, and even though his lungs are now capable of breathing air, it would be difficult for him if he were born now. 
My ultrasound with the cardiologist is tomorrow at 11:30am.  Please continue to pray for complete healing of Logan's heart.  Also, I have my 28 week checkup on Tuesday as well as another glucose test.  Please pray that I pass the test easily and that I won't have any problems with gestational diabetes or preeclampsia.  I'm trusting God for a healthy remainder of the pregnancy :).  Thank you!!!

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