Tuesday, February 8, 2011

27 Weeks

How many weeks am I again?  I keep losing track :P.  This is a little bit late, so I'm now 27 weeks and 4 days (oops), but oh well.  I've been doing pretty good this week.  Little man is still growing and I feel him moving a lot.  Lately it's been feeling like his head is up against my ribs, which is interesting.  I laugh because it's a weird feeling and it's all new, but at the same time I'm hoping he'll move because it's kind-of uncomfortable.  Things are definitely getting squished!

I've been feeling a tiny bit more energetic, but with the emphasis on "tiny".  I try to take care of things around the house when I get home from work, but usually once Jason gets home, I'm too tired to do anything else.  He's been really great, though, and he helps make dinner and clean up the kitchen when I'm a blob on the couch :).

I've been having more back pain when I get into bed at night, which is really frustrating.  It usually takes about 10 minutes for it to subside, so I think it's related to my 'slight scoliosis' and it's just being aggravated by the pregnancy.  I haven't been having as much trouble with hip pain when I sleep, though, which is good.  Another bad thing is my heartburn, though.  I try to eat all the things that are supposed to help neutralize heartburn, but when I go to bed at night it seems to get worse.  My doctor told me I can take a low dosage of zantac, so I've been trying to do that at night since Tums and Mylanta aren't helping and I keep waking up with reflux.  Oh, the joys of pregnancy :).

In my last blog post, I mentioned how my coworkers haven't really said anything about my belly.  Well, on Friday one of the guys at work came to my desk to ask me a question and stopped mid-sentence.  He was looking at my ultrasound picture on my desk and he said, "is that yours?".  I told him "yes" and he asked, "are you pregnant?!?!"  I patted my bulging belly and said "very much so... about 7 months!"  Ha, I thought it was funny.  He then said that he's a guy, so he doesn't notice that kind of stuff.  I told him that if he sees me waddling around the office, that's why.  I guess maybe I should be flattered that people haven't really noticed or put 2 and 2 together, but at the same time I hope they don't just think I have a huge belly.  Oh well :).  It will become more and more obvious the closer I get to May 6th.

One last thing about this week was something that happened on Friday morning.  I didn't have to work, so I slept in until 8 and then the dog woke me up to take him outside.  It was raining and he's a huge pansy, so I figured I would take him out front, where the porch is covered and he could just go potty on the bushes out there.  I took him out to take care of his business, but when I tried to come back inside, the door was locked.  I couldn't believe it.  Our doorknob has been acting funny lately and from the inside it won't lock, but apparently even if it doesn't feel like it's locked, it really is.  I ended up sitting on the front doormat with the dog for almost an hour, wearing only my pajamas, thigh-length bathrobe, and slippers in rainy 34* weather.  It was not fun at all.  Thankfully I had my phone with me, so I called Jason and his mom and they both showed up to save me, so everything was ok, but I got a bit emotional while we were sitting outside... and Gandalf kept scratching at the door like I was stupid and just wanted to sit outside, ha :).  That afternoon, I made lots of copies of our house key and I've been taking it outside with me every time I take the dog out.

Anyway, that's enough rambling for now.  Here are the development details for the week:
  • Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring about 14.5 inches long, he weighs just about 2 lbs.
  • This week, his brain is developing quickly. His eyelids, which have remained closed up until this point, begin to open and now his retinas can begin to form. The retina contains specialized photoreceptor cells that respond to light, called rods and cones. Cones in particular help us perceive color.
  • His skin is still wrinkly but by 27 weeks, he basically looks how he will look when you give birth to him, in just a few months!
Oh yeah, and my uterus is the size of a basketball, woot woot! :P  So exciting ;). Thanks for reading and I'll be back in a few days with Week 28 :).

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