Wednesday, October 5, 2011

(Almost) 5 Month Update

I can't believe it's been almost 3 months since my last post.  So much has happened since then and Logan seems to change everyday.  His first surgery was on July 22nd and was very successful.  He's had a couple of follow-up appointments since then and they were both very positive.  He continues to gain weight and has met all of the developmental milestones.  In fact, he's actually ahead of the game with most of them :).  The cardiologist said he's very advanced and even though I'm his mother, I tend to agree ;).

Life as a working mom is pretty crazy.  I still want to stay home with Logan, but until his next surgery is complete, I'm going to continue working so that he'll have two medical insurances.  I just hope that after his surgery we'll be able to find a way for me to stay at home.  It's so hard for me to leave Logan every day so that I can go to work.  I took half of a sick day last week to stay home with him and I absolutely loved it :).  This little guy is my world :).  He has me wrapped around his little fingers.

He rolled over for the first time last week (from his back to his tummy).  He's also starting to push himself up.  I expect him to start crawling in the next couple of months.  He's a strong little guy and loves to stand up (supported, of course).  I bought him an exersaucer (at a consignment shop, yay) and he loves it.  The seat spins all the way around so he's constantly excited about the toys he finds when he moves.  He laughs and smiles a lot... he's generally a pretty happy baby.  He likes taking baths and he has started jabbering a lot more.  When he talks, his sounds are much more word-like.  It really sounds like he's speaking his own language sometimes :).  I'm trying to teach him "mama", but who knows what his first word will be :).

I'm still breastfeeding him and hope to do it as long as possible, which could be challenging.  I pump at work twice a day and go visit him at the babysitter's house on my lunch break to feed him.  He isn't a big fan of drinking from a bottle, but he has gotten better about it.  He doesn't have much of a choice while I'm at work :P.  He has started biting because he's teething and he's learning the word "no".  I'm hoping he'll figure it out before his teeth come in because that really won't be pleasant.  We've been dealing with thrush for the past month or longer.  I didn't realize that's what it was because I just assumed the white inside of his cheeks was milk residue.  Instead, it's a nasty yeast infection that he has passed on to me.  We're using both natural remedies and traditional medicine to try to clear it up.  Yeast is not fun.

I have a few post topics in my head and I'm hoping to actually write about them soon.  Here are a few of my ideas:
New mom essentials
Breastfeeding adventures
Dealing with surgery

I started a post about surgery just a couple days after we came home from the hospital but I didn't get very far.  It's really hard to put those emotions into words, but if you are interested in reading about it, I'll try to remember the details enough to write an entire post about it.  If you have any other requests or questions or anything, let me know and I'll try to address it/them in a future post.  In the meantime, have a good one and I'll try to write again soon :).

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