Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thinking about babies

So here we are, April 10th, 2013... barely a month away from Logan's 2nd birthday!  I can't believe we have made it this far so fast.  His Double Switch surgery was over a year ago and even that seems to be impossible.  Parents are right... you can't blink when you have babies or else they are all grown up!

Logan is, as always, a joy :).  He's starting to reach the "terrible two" stage with tantrums and whatnot, but other than that, he's generally a happy little guy.  We put him in daycare at the end of February, which was a tough decision but it has turned out to be a great change for all of us.  He has two teachers and they are great with all of the kids (which I imagine is a requirement to be a daycare teacher).  Since going to daycare, Logan has learned to count to 3, he knows multiple colors, his vocabulary has probably doubled, he is better about using his manners, and his daily schedule is much more structured.  I think the structure has helped him with eating more and sleeping better during the day.  A couple of benefits for us parents are reducing the amount of gas I put in my car and the fact that I can drop him off on my way to work, whereas I was driving 40 minutes out of my way each morning and again after work before he started attending daycare.  I can defend both home care (babysitters, nannies, etc.) and public/private daycares because I know they both have benefits.  I would just recommend that parents do their research to see which option works best for their family.  Ideally I would be able to stay at home with Logan full-time but we haven't been able to do that yet, especially with all of his surgeries and appointments.  We're trying to make adjustments so that I'll be able to stay home when we have our second baby, though.

This brings me to my main point of this entry.  I've been getting baby fever for a few months now.  Around Thanksgiving, I was trying to figure out how to plan when our next baby will be born.  I kept thinking about how nice it would be to have a winter baby.  I still think it would be nice, but we're kind-of just letting God decide for us.  I haven't been on any form of birth control since late January (I think?) so I'm hoping we'll get a nice surprise sometime soon.  My only concern is my weight.  I've been trying to lose weight so that I'll be healthier when I get pregnant again.  I started doing Weight Watchers in March and have lost 3 lbs so far.  I need to be disciplined, though, so I can lose another 25+... I think I'll be more comfortable with baby-growing then.  Please let me know if you have any tips for losing weight.  I'm trying to cut out soda pop again and drink more water in its place... I'm eating more vegetables and fruit as snacks instead of carbs, but it has been really hard to stay on track this week.

Anyway, I'll try to post more frequently about my weight loss and possibly when we get more serious about trying to conceive. 

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