Thursday, June 27, 2013

16 Weeks + Ultrasound Update

Before too much time passes, I need to write this so I won't forget anything :).  What a week it has been!  I had my regular appointment last week (which I think I posted about...) and had a follow-up ultrasound yesterday with the perinatal doctor.  This was scheduled three weeks ago following my ER visit.  They wanted to check the placenta and also look at the baby's growth to check for signs of genetic problems.  I don't know why but just a few hours before the appointment, I became extremely nervous and anxious.  I tried eating lunch but it just made me feel more sick to my stomach (maybe because it was Burger King? Hmm...) so I resorted to praying :).  I talked to my boss at work and he helped me talk myself through it.  I told him my specific prayers and the verses I was leaning on and he basically said that there's nothing the enemy can come at me with when I stand on the Word.  I was still a little nervous, but felt better :).  I headed to my appointment and said a prayer on the way.  Once I arrived at the perinatal consultants' office, I was pretty much at peace.

The ultrasound went smoothly.  The nurse conducting the ultrasound kept asking me questions and I kept thinking, "is she just trying to distract me from what she's looking at?"  I pushed that paranoid thought aside and focused on watching our sweet little baby.  While watching the baby move around, the nurse asked if we wanted to know what the sex of the baby is and I said yes.  She asked if I wanted to know right then and I said "well... if I happened to see something, I guess I would find out", so she told me we're having a GIRL!  I would've been ecstatic either way, but we're both really happy :).  Anyway, she finished taking pictures and the doctor came in.  He looked at everything, confirmed that I still didn't want to get an amniocentesis, and told me the baby looked perfectly healthy from all of the measurements they took.  He said that they almost never get a good look at the heart at this stage, but the baby cooperated beautifully so we could see 4 chambers in the heart and he said the arteries looked like they were positioned perfectly too :).  He also looked at the umbilical cord at my request and said there are 3 vessels.  This may not seem very important to the average parents, but Logan only had a 2 vessel cord, which is one of the indicators that there was a heart defect.  I go back in 4 weeks for a follow-up ultrasound (and Jason will be with me at that one) and they will check everything again, but I am convinced that the baby is completely healthy.  Thank the Lord for his faithfulness!!!

On to the basic stuff:

I think my hormones are balancing out, finally!  My skin seems to have settled down a bit, which is very nice.  I was getting tired of trying to find the ideal skincare products for what has been going on.

I think the bloating has gotten a lot better too... I just have to be careful with what I eat and I need to eat small meals more frequently throughout the day.

I have no idea what I've gained, but I'm hoping little to nothing.  I need to do better about eating healthier, though.  That will involve bringing more leftovers from home and not eating as much fast food, which means better meal planning on the front end.

I'm feeling pretty good.  My nausea has subsided for the most part and I'm not quite as tired as I was... but Logan is cutting a molar, which has thrown his sleep schedule off and ours along with it.  I just can't seem to get caught up on sleep :P.  I read my 16/17 week posts from when I was pregnant with Logan and I wasn't really feeling pregnant at the time because I wasn't nauseous and I wasn't huge pregnant yet.  I'm kinda at that stage again right now, which is nice but strange at the same time.

I'm feeling little movements throughout the day, like the baby is rolling around.  I can't wait to feel real kicks :).

She is the size of an avocado now (about 4.5" long) and they estimated her weight at the ultrasound to be 6oz.  She's growing and right on track :).  I saw her little hand and foot on the ultrasound and they're perfect :).

Thank you for all your prayers over the past couple weeks.  They were felt and very much appreciated :).  Until next week... God bless! :)

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