Friday, July 12, 2013

17 & 18 Weeks

Greetings from Oregon!  Since I'm running behind on posting updates for the past 2 weeks (sorry!), I'm combining them into one post.  If you are my friend on Facebook, you probably already know that I have taken a last-minute trip to Oregon to visit my family so getting ready for this has taken up a lot of time.  On top of that, I finally finished my MBA class (yay!), so that took up quite a bit of time too.

Anyway, not much has happened the past two weeks as far as the pregnancy goes, which is nice.  I have started feeling more movement from baby girl - kind-of like she's rolling around.  I haven't felt kicks yet that I know of, but it's nice to feel her on a regular basis now :).  Here are my updates for the past two weeks:

When I was pregnant with Logan, he popped one of my ribs out of place.  It started feeling better when he was about a year old, but over the past couple months, it has been hurting really bad because everything is getting pushed up into my ribcage.  I talked to the doctor about it and he said there's nothing that I can really do for it except put heat on it (which is the last thing I want to do in the summer).

Just in the past week, sleeping has gotten more uncomfortable.  I'm not sure exactly what's causing it because I'm not in much pain but I think it's a combination of my belly getting more uncomfortable and my mind not shutting down at night.  I keep waking up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep very well.  It doesn't help that I have to get up multiple times every night to go to the bathroom. 

Mental Fog
Work has gotten more challenging lately because I'm tired and also because I can't seem to think as clearly.  Hopefully it'll help now that my graduate class is over but I just can't seem to think straight.  Thankfully my boss has been very tolerant of my blank stares ;).

Little girl is now the size of a bell pepper and is about 5.5" long and weighs 7 ounces according to my BabyCenter app.  However, at my last ultrasound 2 weeks ago, baby's estimated weight was 6 ounces... I'm hoping she won't turn out being the same size as Jason when he was born (almost 11 pounds!  Pray for me, please ;)).

I have my next appointment next week and another ultrasound the week after that, so I will update after each appointment.  Have a good one!

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