Monday, October 28, 2013

33 Weeks

This week's post is almost a week late (sorry!) but here it is....

I'm 33 weeks (+5 days) and what a week it has been.  Last week Logan was sick (with a fever and a cough) Monday through Wednesday and he was still in a bit of a funk on Thursday.  He felt better Friday but then he kept throwing up on Saturday afternoon (in his carseat, on me, on the couch, etc.).  Thankfully he was back to his normal self on Sunday.  However, when he was sick, all he wanted was to be held by his mommy.  At one point, I carried him over to our coat closet to find a blanket that didn't have puke on it.  I didn't notice one of his toys on the floor and slipped on it with my right foot.  I didn't fall but I did a bit of pregnant "splits" (which wasn't really close to the splits at all) and I felt a strain in the lower part of my belly/pelvis.  I was still holding Logan and was in a LOT of pain.  Ever since then, when I try to get up and walk after sitting for a while, I have to move very slowly and deliberately because of the pain it causes.  When I got to work this morning, I called my doctor to see if he wanted me to come in earlier than Friday (my currently scheduled appointment) and they told me to go to Labor & Delivery at the hospital to get checked out "just in case".  I showed up around noon, dressed down in the hospital gown and they fitted my belly with the fetal heart monitor and some other monitor (I think for contractions?).  After monitoring me for about 30 minutes, the doctor told them to keep me there for observation for 2 hours and if everything was ok to send me home.  Everything turned out to be ok but I quickly learned that those beds are extremely uncomfortable!  I'm glad I get to move around while I'm in active labor, which reminds me that I need to work on my birth plan before my Friday appointment...

Last Friday at work, my coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower.  I was SO surprised and had absolutely no idea that they had been planning it for weeks, right under my nose.  I'm even more impressed that my boss was able to do it without me finding out.  I've been worried about buying all the stuff we'll need for the little gal, especially with our medical bills piling up, so this was a huge blessing.  One of the women from work found my registry and printed it out for all the men to do their shopping.  As a result, I got probably 90% of the items I really wanted/needed, which is a huge burden off of my shoulders :).  I still can't believe they pulled it off.  My coworkers are great :).

After the baby shower, I got all of her clothes, sheets, blankets, etc. together and washed everything.  They're now all neatly organized in piles on our couch and I neglected to think of where we're going to put it all.  We haven't yet gotten a dresser for her room so I guess they will stay on the couch until I find a place for them.... oops :).  I do feel a little better now that everything is washed and ready to go, though.  And now I know what to shop for when I get my 10% off coupon from Target.

And now on to the weekly updates:
Contractions: Still having Braxton Hicks contractions that are more "spotty".  They aren't full-on contractions, so I'm not concerned.
Cravings: Nothing this week.
Weight:  My total is up to 20 lbs... I'll find out on Friday what the new number is :P
Swelling:  The swelling has settled down a little bit this week, which is think is mainly due to the weather being cooler.
Things to do: Still need to buy furniture and other items from my registry (Target), pre-make meals, write out my birth plan, pack the hospital bag, etc....
Heartburn:  It is under control but only because of my friend Zantac.
Stretching: I've continued using oil twice a day on my belly but the stretching is getting worse.  My stretch marks are stretching more and yesterday I noticed that I have a heat rash (or what looks like one) on my belly, which makes the itching even worse.  Gah... getting closer to being done!

I do need to note that everyone at work has been very supportive and has been looking out for my best interests.  I've started parking in the visitor's section right in front of the building and today my boss asked if I'd like my computer to be moved to an office downstairs so that I don't have to walk up as many stairs.  Sometimes I feel like they're a bit too concerned but I guess it's better this way than for them to completely disregard my safety :).

Anyway, I think this is long enough.  Don't forget to enter the ExpectNet contest with your guesses.  There are only 6-ish weeks left until my due date!

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