Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Birth Plan

Since I'm 34 weeks along and this pregnancy has been anything but dull, I've decided to revamp the birth plan I had when I was pregnant with Logan.  I have taken a lot of the same pieces from that plan but edited it based on my experience with him.  The main difference is the addition of the Cesarean "section" (hehe, get it?).  With Logan, there were a lot of things that I wish I could've changed concerning his delivery and the care that followed (for both of us).  I plan on taking this to my doctor on Friday to go over it with him.  I'll report back with any concerns or objections he may have.

Without further ado, here ya go:


The person present for the birth will be Alexis’s husband, Jason Snooks.  My ultimate goal is to successfully achieve a VBAC.  I understand that compromises may need to be made, however the following are my preferences.

  • Please do not offer pain medication – I plan on using alternative pain relief options.  I will ask for pain medication if I need it.
    • In the event that I do request pain relief, I would like information about any medication before receiving it, including the purpose, potential side effects on me and/or the baby, and options on timing.
  • I would like to be out of bed as much as possible during labor (walking, etc.).
  • I would like to be able to drink clear liquids as well as a protein supplement, if possible.
  • If continuous fetal monitoring is required, I wish to be upright and mobile while connected to the monitor.
  • I would like the option to be in a position other than lying on my back when I give birth (squatting, lying on my side, etc.).
  • I prefer to tear rather than having an episiotomy. If an episiotomy becomes necessary, please discuss with me beforehand.
  • As long as the baby and I are healthy, I prefer to push instinctively and to have no time limits on pushing.
 After Delivery
  • I would like my baby placed immediately skin-to-skin after delivery.
  • The umbilical cord shall not be clamped or cut until the baby is breathing and pink, and until all pulsation in the cord has ceased.
  • If the baby must be taken from me to receive medical treatment, Jason will accompany her.
  • I would like to breastfeed as soon as possible (within the first hour)
  • I would like to meet with a Lactation Consultant as soon as possible after delivery.
  • I want all procedures that are done and all medications that are given to my baby explained to me before they are carried out by the medical staff.  If I disagree with the administration of an immunization or medication, I am willing to sign a formal waiver.
  • I would like to have the baby evaluated and bathed in my presence.
  • Prior to our discharge, I wish for my baby to be placed on pulse oximetry to rule out any obvious heart conditions present at that time.

·         Please ensure all medications administered are suitable for breastfeeding.
·         I would like to have warm blankets during the surgery.
·         Please inform my husband when the baby is being delivered.
·         In the event that a cesarean is necessary, we would still like to delay the cord clamping until pulsation has ceased.
·         I would like to have skin-to-skin contact with the baby as soon as it is possible in the delivery room.
·         I would like to nurse the baby as soon as possible after surgery (within the first hour).
·         If the baby is doing well medically, please bring her to me as soon as she is suctioned, weighed, and measured. Please do not worry about cleaning her up much before bringing her to me.
·         I do not wish to be separated from the baby after her delivery.  I would like for her to remain with me and my husband, even while I am in recovery.
·         I do not want any medications following surgery that will make me drowsy or that may interfere with my ability to remain aware and conscious.
·         I would like to be weaned off of the spinal/epidural as soon as possible after surgery and given an alternate form of pain relief (Percocet, etc.).
·         I would like to have my catheter and IV removed ASAP after my recovery period.
·         I would like to eat and be free to stand up and walk around as soon as possible after surgery.

      Sorry for the formatting at the end... it doesn't seem to be copying it correctly from Word.  Anyway, as with the plan I posted for Logan, advice and suggestions are welcome as long as they are given in love ;).

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