Saturday, December 14, 2013

40 Weeks +3

I know it's mid-week but I just feel like blogging something.  I'm usually asleep by 10pm (whether I'm on the couch or in bed, it doesn't seem to matter) but it's 11:30 and I'm still wide awake.  Maybe it's because there are Psych reruns on tv (woo!) or maybe there's something else going on?  I'm hopeful but just waiting for a clear sign that labor has started (nothing yet).

Jason laughed at me last night because I told him every time I woke up to go to the bathroom, I wondered "did my water break yet?" and every time the answer was no.  I keep expecting to wake up with a wet bed, in pain, etc. but it hasn't happened.  I'm still working full-time which has been challenging but it has given me something to do with my time.  I'd probably be pretty bored if I just stayed at home all day, even though it would be nice to get some things taken care of around here. 

Most of our Christmas shopping is done but I do still need to make a couple of things to send to Oregon.  I guess I should make that a priority tomorrow, if I'm still home :).  I've been getting more pelvic and lower back pain today and was thinking maybe labor was starting but then it died down to nothing.  I'm still getting plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions and I think she has dropped down into the "prime" position :).  Earlier in the week I don't think she was quite low enough because when I drove over speed bumps, they didn't bother me much.  Now when I drive over any bumps, I feel like I need to be sitting on a donut pillow thing.  Yikes, they hurt.

Baby is still active and apparently very happy where she is.  I hope she decides to move out soon, though.  Jason and I got most of the decals up on the walls of her bedroom and they look soooo good.  I love all the little birds and the colors came together really nicely.  The decor is pretty understated but classic and something she can grow into.  I really like it :).  I'm excited to move the crib and rocking chair in there but won't be able to do that until we buy a big boy bed for Logan (soon).  I will post pictures or a short tour video when it's all put together :).

Welp... almost midnight and my heartburn is still hitting me pretty hard.  Ugh, I'm looking forward to not dealing with heartburn anymore.  It has been pretty bad lately.

Geesh, I feel knees, feet, and a butt squirming around in my belly.  I'm kinda surprised that she can still move around so well.  If labor doesn't start by Monday morning, I'll get to see her again on Monday afternoon during the biophysical profile (ultrasound). 

Anyway, I think it's time for bed.  Prayers for contractions are appreciated :).

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