Friday, November 19, 2010

16 Weeks

This week was seriously a great one :).  I didn't stress much at all, I got a lot done at home, and I really enjoyed being able to sit down and relax when I felt like it.  I'm 16 weeks today and I also got a new job today, woot! :)  It's just a temporary job for an engineering company in Atlanta but it will bring in some income, which will definitely help us get through the next few months.  I'm thankful!

My 16 week appointment was yesterday and I met with a midwife instead of the doctor, because she had to take a couple of emergency appointments.  I was fine with it, though, because I hadn't met her yet and she was really nice.  We chatted for about 15 minutes about new things that are happening and also about any concerns I might have.  I told her that I've been feeling pretty good and that I don't really feel pregnant right now.  She basically said that that's a good thing, but can also be stressful because even though I feel more energetic and less nauseous, I don't feel pregnant which can make me worry unnecessarily.  I wanted to jump up and say "yes!  That's exactly how I've been feeling!"  Hehe, I guess she hears the same things a lot in her line of work ;).  She was very reassuring, though, and made me feel at ease.

She used the doppler on my bump to listen to the heartbeat.  She found it after a few seconds of searching and we listened to it for about 10 seconds and then it disappeared.  She had to hunt for it again and when she found it, it was really loud!!!  I think the baby was leaning with its back against my uterus or something, because it was crazy loud :).  She said that the sounds we heard when she was searching for the heartbeat were of the baby moving around... so fun! :)  She said that I should start feeling the baby move more over the next 4 weeks or so.  I have felt it a few times today and I'm absolutely loving it :).  It makes everything feel a lot more "real", because I not only think about the baby but I can also feel it :).  I guess I always just assumed that I would feel the baby all the time once I got pregnant, but that's not the case at all.  It takes about 16-20 weeks before you feel anything :P.

Although I've been feeling better in general, I haven't been getting much sleep at night lately.  My hips have been hurting like crazy and I caught a head cold a couple days ago, so I've been having trouble breathing.  Other than those minor details, I've been ok ;).

I'm not sure if I've said anything about coming up with a name or not, but Jason and I have been arguing about it for the past 2 months.  I keep asking him for input, but he doesn't want to think about names at all until we know what we're having.  It's very frustrating, because I want to get some ideas from him.  A lot of the names I like, he doesn't, so it has been a struggle.  However, the other night he actually threw out a couple of ideas, so I bought a couple of baby name books for us to look at on our trip to Oregon (the day after THE ultrasound).  If you have any suggestions, feel free to post them in a comment ;).

Anyway, on to growth and development details... I'm so excited to see the bigger-than-bean baby next month! :)
  • Your baby continues to be busy growing and developing inside of you. He's now about the size of an avocado, measuring approximately 4 1/2 inches and weighing roughly 3 ounces. His heart is now pumping 25 quarts of blood every day and his bladder is emptying every 45 minutes.
  • His limbs are even more developed and their movements have become increasingly coordinated. He doesn't have any hair yet but the patterning of his scalp has begun.
  • What's in the future for your little one? A growth spurt is just around the corner! In the coming weeks he will double his weight and add inches to his frame.
He/she is growing so fast! :)  I've rambled quite a bit in this entry, so I'll wrap it up now.  I'll leave you with the first 'approved' picture of my bump (sorry, I'm picky and self-conscious) :).

I'll try to post another one before we head to Oregon! :)

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