Monday, March 14, 2011

32 Weeks

Wow, I just looked at the baby growth (fruit) banner at the top of the blog and it says 53 days to go!  Once again, I'm posting this entry a little late, so in only 4 days I'll only have 7 weeks left.  Hold on just one second so I can regain my composure :).  Whew!

I'm so excited that we get to meet Logan soon, but thinking about his arrival is bringing up some concerns, such as where he will sleep.  We need to put his crib together and we also need to buy a dresser and glider/rocker for the nursery.  And don't even get me started on our bags for the hospital!  I do have my cosmetics and toiletries bag packed (if you know me well, this shouldn't surprise you ;)), but I need to pack the other important stuff too.  I'm a 'list' person, so I'm sure I'll be creating multiple excel spreadsheets very soon: one for Logan's bag, one for my bag, one for things we need to do in the nursery, one for groceries to buy for when my parents are visiting, one with nesting to-do's, etc.  If you can recommend any items that we should take to the hospital or leave at home, please let me know in a comment.  Everyone seems to have different preferences, but it's still nice to know what people used and didn't use.

I've been feeling pretty good for the most part.  My lungs are definitely squished, though, which is making breathing a lot more difficult.  Just sitting here, I feel like I can't catch my breath.  This means that Logan is growing, though, so I'm ok with it :).  He's been really active again this week and I'm having fun feeling him.  Sometimes he'll be throwing his elbows around and punching at my bladder while kicking at my ribs.  I think Jason's getting tired of hearing me exclaim "whoa!"  I can't help it, though.  No matter how many times I feel Logan kick, he still surprises me :).  He's a strong little boy!  And now that I know he's head-down, I can't help but smile and pat his bottom when he sticks it out the side of my belly :).

A couple of things haven't been so pleasant lately, though.  One is my pelvis expanding.  I've been getting some random pains and every once in a while, it feels like Logan is pushing outward on it.  The other thing is that I've been getting really tired.  I think it's due to multiple factors, mainly a growing baby in utero, sleepless nights, and general exhaustion.  I try to do what I can, but I end up taking a lot of breaks so that I can rest.  I'm sure it probably won't get any better as I get closer to my due date, but I'm praying that I'll get caught up on some sleep before Logan gets here because I definitely won't catch up once he's here!

I booked the flights for my parents to visit in May.  They'll be here from May 5 (day before my due date) through the 19th.  I'm glad that they are able to stay with us and I'm also grateful for their help :).  I'm just hoping that Logan cooperates and comes either before or during their stay.  I can't imagine him being later than the 18th, though :P.

Oh, Jason and I also booked a hotel in Savannah, GA for a 'babymoon' at the end of the month :).  We're going to take a quick trip and spend some time together before Logan gets here.  We don't get away very often (and usually not by ourselves), so it should be really nice :).

I had my second baby shower this past Saturday and it was a lot of fun :).  I got to see some of my best friends from college and we spent a lot of time laughing and talking about the good ol' days.  We (Logan, Jason, & I) were blessed with a lot of great gifts, including a Graco Pack 'n Play, a high chair, diapers, a crocheted blanket, and lots of other items that will be put to good use!  I already put the Pack 'n Play together and now I can't wait to see Logan in it :D.  I have one more baby shower for family & church members and I'm really excited about it :).

Ok, this is getting pretty long, so I'll start to wrap it up.  Here are the development details for this week:
  • Your baby continues to grow and develop inside of you. Measuring roughly 16.5 inches long, he now weighs about 4 1/2 pounds! And from this week, until 2 weeks before birth, he will gain about a half pound every week.
  • He is sleeping approximately 90 to 95 percent of the day (HA!  I don't believe this). Most of his wrinkles are disappearing, especially on his face, as more fat is deposited under his skin. His hair is becoming thicker with each passing week and you may even be able to see it on an ultrasound! He will also begin to settle in the head-down position, as his birth is fast approaching.
I have my 32 week checkup tomorrow morning and we go in for another ultrasound on Wednesday to check his growth.  I'll try to post an update with any news we get following the ultrasound.  Thank you again for all of your prayers!  We are grateful for each and every one of them :).  Also, thank you for entering guesses in our baby pool... although I don't appreciate some of the 10+ pound weight guesses ;).  Make sure you keep entering, though!  I can't wait to see who is closest :).  Have a blessed week and I'll be back to post again soon :).


  1. Have you checked out Katie's post on MC? She talked about all the stuff she learned from time #1 on what to bring for the hospital for Gracie this time around. I bet it would help you make your lists!

  2. Yep I did, Steph! I'll probably use her blog posts to help make my list :).